A Gel manicure that is hard wearing, gives amazing shine and with over 150 colours to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something to suit. Gel can help you to grow your own nails stronger and healthier as well as looking great for up to 3 weeks! Why not add some artwork for a unique manicure tailored to you.

gel MANICURE OR PEDICURE (including 1 layer of strengthener) - £27.00

Includes cuticle care, shape, moisture pack, mini massage plus Gel application. (Approx 50 mins).

Nail Art - from 50p- £2.00 per nail

Glitters, foils, chrome, pigments and a little bit of art! The perfect treatment to extend fashion to your fingertips.

Removal of gel - £10.00

(no re-application) includes mini manicure. (Approx 30 mins).


strengthening gel overlay/infill - £30

A gel overlay is ideal for those that are particularly busy with their hands (eg gardening, horses, cleaning) or who struggle to keep gel on due to weak or bendy nails. Does not extend length but adds a strong foundation for those with flaking or chipping. Also includes gel colour and extra strength top coat (Approx 1hr 15 mins)

Gel Extension for broken nail - £5

To make one or two broken nails match all the others

Acrylic extensions - £42

Adding length, shape and strength. Last 3 weeks before requiring an infill. Hand sculpted beautiful customised extensions. (approx 2.5hrs)

infills - £38

Filling in the growth gap on Acrylic extensions. Includes gel colour (Approx 1.5hr)

acrylic overlay with gel polish - £38

Does not extend length but adds a strong foundation for those with flaking, peeling, bendy thin or oily nails that can be prone to breaking or chipping. Approx 1.5hr)



Within 2 days (free of charge at my discretion)

After 2 days - £2 per nail


Spa Pedicure - £30.00

The Pure Organics Spa Pedicure will soothe tired soles like nothing else! Dip your toes into these products that will leave your feet feeling revived, refreshed and ready for anything. Includes spa soak, callus removal, exfoliation, mask, cuticle work, file, foot and lower leg massage. Nails buffed to a shine. (Approx 1 hour 15 mins).

Add £15.00 for Gel application to the above 


Quick effective hard skin reduction.

Calluses appear when pressure is applied to the feet over time, causing the skin to harden and the calluses to appear. To treat both feet this amazing treatment takes only 30 minutes. We recommend a treatment every 2-3 weeks, although results are seen after the first treatment! The peel targets the hard skin followed with scraping and filing away the hard skin leaving your skin soft and clean.


CALLUS PEEL – Heels and Soles - £28.00

Add a callus peel to a gel Pedicure for just £10


IBX is a revolutionary product designed to create nail strength from within. Perfect for weak, peeling or splitting nails. IBX is a natural nail strengthening system working inside the nail rather than sitting on top of the nail. IBX can repair even the most damaged of nails.

IBX Stand alone Nail treatment - £15.00

(Approx 30 mins).

IBX treatment with Gel application - £32.00