One year on!'s been a whole year of full time salon and zero hospital hours. I've loved every minute! This shows in the fact it feels like only yesterday since I started the salon full time.  There is never a day where I think "oh god I have to go to work in the salon" but there were many of those days at the hospital, a few years worth in fact.


 I have been on many training courses over the last year and there are more to come! Some BIG ones are shortly lined up! It will be well worth the week away from the girls in the summer holidays and I'm always striving for improvement, top quality and being ahead of the game. 


The biggest point I wanted to make this short blog about was the appreciation I have for the local support that comes not just from those that visit regularly but those that come for their holiday nails or a treat that they can afford and decide it's me they spend that £20 on. I'm Just one girl trying to do her best in her new career and support her family and I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart for those that choose The Remedy Room every month or once a year. Thank you! 


ps. This was a photo a little girl took of me when she stole my phone and knew how to use it more than me! Despite the pass code she knew how to bypass it and take a photo. Thanks Martha! 

Welcome to our new home.

So its been a whole year since The Remedy Room moved to its new location.  So much has happened in that time.  The house is still under renovation (and will be for many years to come i suspect!). The salon went from garden shed to a beautiful up cycled salon haven that I am very proud of.  It is now well insulated ready for the winter (and perhaps it was a little too insulated on some of our hotter days this year!...note for next summer).  

The Remedy Room went full time at the end of June ending a 16 year career in Nuclear Medicine. It wasn't given up lightly and took many years to finally make the jump.  A couple of months in and the salon bookings have boomed, the jump was most definitely worth it.  I have all my loyal customers to thank for thank you.

Up and coming...I hope to have a porch built onto the front of the salon for shoes/umbrellas and wall to wall certificates to show off to you all.  Just waiting on the builder.....

Also a pedicure station is still at the drawing board stage...rough ideas are in place but nothing final yet.  The website update is almost complete which means the brochures will be next.  A new salon system has been weeks in the making, its almost ready to go live which will mean you can book online!  Oh and the payment machine is now here and setup so you can pay by card too! 

 Anything else you clients would like to see happening please drop me a message.  Im always open to new ideas.  For now here are some pics of the Salon Before, During and After.  See you all soon xx




Almost finished